GOVPIMIT: Governance and Privacy Implications of the ‘Internet of Things’ (Euro-NF SJRP)

Research Area: Computer Networking
Status: Finished  
Project leaders: Collaborators:
Proposed start date: 2010-07-01 Proposed end date: 2011-06-30

GOVPIMIT aims at clarifying the relationship between Internet of Things and Networks of the Future by creating mutual interest for corresponding research challenges and approaches in both communities. In particular, GOVPIMIT will analyze the governance, privacy and security implications of the “Internet of Things”. Governance implications emerge in particular with policies that cover the registration of objects in various configurations of the ONS. Privacy implications emerge with the deployment of governance policies and of the ONS service in EPCglobal network.

Main Objectives
Governance, security and privacy issues are raised when an ONS registered “object” with a RFID chip meets “the subject”, i.e., the individual Internet user, registered as registrant in the DNS with an IP address. The proposed research project will give special emphasis to this “rendezvous” point. It will address how the various governance scenarios will have impact on privacy and security issues of end-users when they interact with the IoT infrastructure, and particularly with the ONS information system services. At the end the project will deliver:
-    Integration scenarios of IoT with EuroNF and use case scenarios of links between IoT  and Euro-NF
-    Recommendations on policies and governance for the ONS service
-    Impact of policies and governance to ONS architecture
-    Analysis and evaluation of privacy and secure authentication and identity management   

List of participants

Athens University of Economics and Business—Research Centre
University of Aarhus
Blekinge Institute of Technology
University of Passau
External partner: Prof. Avri Doria, Luleå Institute of Technology

12 Months