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GT-ITM Topologies for the OMNeT++ Simulation Platform and OverSim Framework

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A complete set of tools for the conversion of network topologies following the Georgia Tech Internet Topology Model (GT-ITM) to the InetUnderlay model used by OverSim Framework [1]. The provided tarball includes the GT-ITM topology generator [2], the BRITE topology tool [3] patched with NED language support [4]  and the necessary updates to the files of OMNeT++ for the support of weighted shortest paths [5].

This is a collection of already provided tools further enhanced to support the conversion of the topologies into an OverSim interpretable format (InetUnderlay). Apart from the topology structure, the created topologies provide support for routing policy weights and AS Number support, i.e. the simulation programmer can easily distinguish inter-domain from intra-domain paths.







You can download the tarrball by using the link below. For installation instructions and further information please refer to the README file in the source code archive.

[GTITM-OMNeT4.0-OverSim-MMlab.tar.gz - 3.2 MB]

This work was partially supported by the ICT PSIRP project under contract ICT-2007-216173.


Last Modified: December 17, 2009