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IST B-BONE: Broadcasting and Multicasting over Enhanced UMTS Mobile Broadband Networks
The objectives of the B-BONE project are to:
  • Characterize the requirements of broadcasting services, namely TV, radio and data broadcast and the dynamic adaptation of the information to the terminal capabilities.
  • Evaluate the most suitable frequency bands already allocated for IMT-2000 and those that may also become available in the future after WRC decisions (e.g. broadcasting systems spectrum) in accordance to the expected traffic model.
  • Define and characterize specific reference scenarios for the delivery of digital broadcast/multicast and multimedia services.
  • Define a multi-carrier (MC DS-WCDMA) system, with combined use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver (although with strong limitations) to enhance the capacity required to provide more than 4 Mbps everywhere, and up to 32Mbps for terminals near to the base station (derived by the DVB-T standard).
  • Enhance UMTS FDD and TDD modes with multi-carrier and MIMO techniques to carry digital broadcast services, and study the impact of vertical handover.
  • Define adaptive transmission techniques for network resources allocation so as to take advantage of favourable channel conditions by transmitting at high data rates, while reducing data rates in bad channel conditions.




Project B-BONE
(1/1/2004 to 31/12/2005)


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  • Develop and implement Resource Management algorithms enabling QoS provisioning and service differentiation for IP-based RAN and Core networks supporting broadcast, multicast and unicast transmissions.
  • Investigate techniques for seamless integration of broadcast, multicast and unicast transmissions in all-IP combined wired and wireless networks.
  • Evaluate the effects of Soft Handover and Hard Handover due to user mobility in broadcasting/multicasting over broadband cellular networks.
  • Develop mechanisms for the aggregation of individual resource requests for the same broadcaster services.
  • Develop auction based resource allocation schemes for aggregate requests and mechanisms for cost splitting between the multiple participants in broadcasting/multicasting type service.
  • Build a link and system level simulator for the all-IP radio access and core networks of the proposed Enhanced UMTS network.
  • Build and publish an electronic library of combined MC DS-WCDMA with MIMO systems for capacity enhancement of UMTS and resource management algorithms for effective provision of broadcast/multicast multimedia services.

There are four key issues addressed in the B-BONE project:

  • The first issue deals with the identification of system requirements for digital broadcasting/multicasting services over the Enhanced UMTS cellular network, dynamic adaptation of the contents to terminal capabilities and the required spectrum.
  • The second issue deals with the wireless techniques required to increase the bit rate and the throughput, namely, multi-carrier, MIMO systems and adaptive transmission techniques.
  • The third issue deals with the optimisation and management of radio and network resources in RAN and Core networks that are broadcast/multicast capable.
  • Finally, the fourth issue deals with system level simulation given the proper models. This will enable not only the evaluation of the capacity gain, but also of the feasibility of the project proposed solutions.

Project partners Alcatel SEL AG – SEL (Germany); Aristotle University of Thessalonica – AUTh (Greece); Associaηγo para o Desenv. das Telec. e Tιcnicas de Informαtica – ADETTI (Portugal); Athens University of Economics and Business – AUEB (Greece); Motorola Ltd. – MOT (UK); Portugal Telecom Inovaηγo S.A. – PTIN (Portugal); Technical University of Lisbon - Instituto Superior Tιcnico – IST (Portugal); University of Cyprus – UCY (Cyprus)

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