Crowdsourced networks, services, transport: analytical foundations of sustainable sharing


Τhe project focuses on applications and services that lie in the broader area of sharing economy. The future of sharing economy and its ultimate role in the world economic activities will depend on many factors, including the legal and regulation policies applied to them. In any case, however, the related service platforms need to cope with fundamental issues regarding the allocation and sharing of common resources, the provision of incentives, and their business models. CRESCENDO responds to this need by drawing analysis tools from the areas of network economics, queuing theory and (stochastic) optimization, but also from machine learning and numerical analysis. It is structured along three discrete thematic areas: shared network connectivity, participatory sensing, and crowdsourced transport. Common to all three thematic areas is the dimension of crowdsourcing and resource sharing, as well as the sustainability challenges that relate to them.

From a scientific point of view, project contributions are expected in the areas of optimization (formulation of novel optimization problems under radically different assumptions about the decision-making process of human users), algorithms (design/analysis of algorithms for original theoretic problem instances), network economics and game theory. At socioeconomic level, the project research aims at better understanding, supporting, and enhancing activities that (a) have generated reasonable expectations for economic development and new jobs; and (b) are approached as the means towards higher market pluralism (market democratization), offering alternative solutions in otherwise mono/oligopolistic markets and reducing transaction costs that inflate, often disproportionately, the overall cost of producing and distributing goods.

The project involves synergies with research groups in the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and NEC Labs Europe and will engage two PhD candidates in its activities. Its duration is 36 months.

Fact sheet

Duration 27 Sep. 2018 - 20 Aug. 2021
Principal Investigator Merkouris Karaliopoulos
Postdoc researchers Eleni Bakali
Collaborators Iordanis Koutsopoulos
Costas Courcoubetis
Luis Moreira Matias
Funding source Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innnovation (HFRI)


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Open position

We have a research position in the context of a Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) grant, the (CRESCENDO project). Applications are welcome and will be assessed continuously till the position is covered (no fixed deadline). The earliest possible starting date for the appointment is Oct 2020. The hired researcher will work in one or more of the following three areas:

Eligible for the position are holders of an MSc degree, in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Informatics/Computer Science, Mathematics, or other related subject; current or prospective PhD students, who might want to work in one of the three areas as part of, or even independently of, their PhD work; young postdoctoral researchers with prior expertise and/or interest in one or more of the three areas.

Applicants should have proficient knowledge of the English language and good technical writing and communication skills. Prior experience with mathematic software packages such as MATLAB and analytical skills in any of the areas of queuing theory, game theory, optimization, algorithms will be assessed positively. Equally welcome is possible experience with data mining and analysis of large datasets.

The researcher will join the Mobile and Multimedia Lab ( of the Department of Informatics, in the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). The Lab is housed in the new building of AUEB, possesses excellent computational resources, and hosts one of the largest and strongest teams across Greece in the area of networking. The monthly salary will be according to the provisions of HFRI for these grants, which make allowance for added value tax and mandatory insurance expenses on the employer's side.

Interested applicants should send an email expressing their interest and addressing their questions to Dr. Merkouris Karaliopoulos ( with subject line "CRESCENDO project positions" and an attached cv.


Merkouris Karaliopoulos
Office 209, AUEB bldg @ Troias 2 & Spetson
Tel: (+30) 210 8203506

This project is funded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) and the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) in the context of the 1st call for Postdoctoral Researchers, under grant agreement No 892