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Talk by Ioannis Psaras

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Ioannis Psaras who is currently an EPSRC Fellow (2015-2020) and Lecturer with the E&EE Dept. at UCL, London, will give a talk on "Decentralised Edge Computing through Distributed Trust" on Tuesday, April 16th, at room 414 of the Trias Str. building of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Talk abstract: The Internet world is turning upside-down. In today's Internet, data is primarily flowing from data-centre servers and server farms, placed largely at the core of the network, towards the users at the edge of the network. In tomorrow's Internet, data will (primarily) be produced at the edge of the network from IoT devices, smart/autonomous vehicles, wearables, sensors and the like. This data will be of enormous volume. It has been said that each autonomous vehicle could generate tens of TBs of data per hour. The current Internet infrastructure is not prepared to accommodate this volume of data coming in from the edge. The current model of sending everything back to the cloud for processing will simply not cope with this wave of data coming from the edge. In order to get the Internet infrastructure prepared for this change, there are a number of components that need to be smoothly integrated into the current Internet architecture. At UCL, we are building solutions to address the needs of a future, privacy-preserving, IoT-dominated edge computing environment.