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Talk by Constantinos Patsakis

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Constantinos Patsakis who is currently an assistant professor at the department of informatics in the University of Piraeus, will give a talk on "Blockchain DNS: A solution with several threats" on Tuesday, December 17th, at room 414 of the Trias str. building of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Talk abstract: In the past years, a core Internet infrastructure, domain name system (DNS), is being revised mainly due to its inherent security and privacy issues. One of the proposed solutions is Blockchain-based DNS, which claims to solve many issues of traditional DNS. However, this does not come without security concerns and issues, as any introduction and adoption of a new technology does - let alone a disruptive one such as blockchain. In this talk, we introduce the basic concepts behind Blockchain DNS and discuss a number of associated threats, including emerging ones, and we validate many of them with real-world data..