Latest News

17 Apr. 2006 - New site is up

10 Jan. 2006 - QoS module is ready

   QoS module for version 0.0.1 is ready. The QoS agent is implemented as a TCP server that waits for URRQ messages from P2PWNC access points ("ap" software module). When receiving such a message it makes the appropriate calculations in order to provide an amount of guaranteed bandwidth and an amount of maximum bandwidth to the P2PWNC roaming users. The software module runs on GNU/Linux. It has been tested on Linux kernels 2.4 and 2.6. QoS operations are performed using the tc (iproute2) and iptables (netfilter) packages.

6 Nov. 2005 - Version 0.0.1 available

   Version 0.0.1 of our software is available for donwload under the GNU General Public Licence. Changes between the first experimental version and v0.0.1 include various bug fixes and a new project structure. You can download the libraries, ap, client, repository servers, and utilities as separate packages. Also, we provide configuration utilities for the Linksys WRT54GS router.