Radio Resource Management Focusing on Power Control in Wireless Networks

The efficient management of the radio spectrum is a key functionality in every type of wireless network. Wireless nodes generally have heterogeneous QoS targets, which sometimes cannot be satisfied for all of them due to the high interference levels that frequently arise, even in sparse topologies.  A game theoretic approach seems suitable to model the interaction among these directly interfering entities and has already successfully been applied in various cases. We are interested in using the machinery of game theory to develop and evaluate novel radio resource management techniques in emerging types of wireless networks (such as femtocell networks and cognitive radio networks) focusing on power control algorithms (both design and performance evaluation). Even though game theory has been used to model power control in wireless networks, there is still much unexplored space and a lot of work to be done, particularly considering modern environments with independent agents, such as Wi-Fi APs operating in unlicensed spectrum.

Related Publications

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    An extended version is available as Technical Report [PDF]
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