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Interoperable Solutions Connecting Smart Homes, Buildings and Grids

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EU Horizon 2020

InterConnect envisages to contribute to the democratization of efficient energy management, through a flexible and interoperable ecosystem where demand side flexibility can be soundly integrated with effective benefits to end-users. End-users should be able to choose and change their technology providers, without having to replace their installation, every time they feel this need and still be able to adopt sustainable behavior and benefit from technological advances. To achieve a significant dimension, 7 large scale pilots, in different countries and with different end-users, are foreseen to guarantee representativeness and dimension in terms of number of appliances and services. The project consortium integrates relevant partners from all the representative stakeholders in this new energy paradigm. Specific competences in ICT, IoT, energy, data science, software, are included and the full value chain, from R&D institutions, manufacturers, DSO, retailers, IT providers, and energy users is represented. To guarantee a higher impact, several relevant associations related with ICT and energy are also involved.
AUEB-RC developed a mobile app for user interface/engagement purposes, energy consumption monitoring, remote control of devices, and energy efficiency with AI techniques. The Greek pilot mobile application offers the following screens and functionalities in the context of the Greek large-scale demonstrator:

  • Login:Using the username and password fields, the user can login to the mobile application. Thanks to the interoperable nature of the mobile app, which utilizes the InterConnect interoperability framework, the login pipeline can handle users coming from multiple SAREFized IoT platforms involved in the Greek pilot, i.e. GridNet, HERON and COSMOTE.
  • Home dashboard: The initial screen of the mobile application after logging in is the home dashboard, which presents crucial insights regarding the energy consumption of the household, as well as recommendations that are updated daily. Specifically, the energy consumption for today and yesterday are shown, as well as the total energy consumption per day for the last 7 days.
  • Inventory overview: In this screen all the available devices of the household are presented. Some of the devices can be remotely controlled through the mobile app and the user can provide flexibility preferences.
  • Gamification: The gamification screen is responsible for presenting the gamification progress of the user regarding multiple achievements, such as notifications for which the user has provided feedback.
  • Historical data analytics (advanced dashboard): In this screen the user can query all the available devices regarding specific measurements and timeslots to observe the respective historical time series data.
  • Push notifications and feedback: In the notifications screen, all the push notifications received are presented, giving the user the ability to provide feedback for them in the form of accept or reject signals.
The Greek pilot mobile application is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
Greek pilot demo video


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