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Secure Named Data Sharing

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SNDS is set to revolutionize the Named-Data Networking (NDN) ICN architecture by introducing extensions tailored for query-based content retrieval, fine-grained storage, and content updates—creating an optimal foundation for a Content Delivery Network (CDN) underlay. Prioritizing data security, SNDS will integrate innovations from our previous work on Digital Identities, ensuring content security and privacy without compromising content authentication, integrity, or access control. Unlike traditional ICN architectures, SNDS' enhancements to NDN will facilitate advanced data sharing, including data encoding following specific models, fine-grained data retrieval, and temporally-defined data access. The project also boasts features like decentralized content integrity and authenticity through Digital Identifiers, especially the Decentralized Identifiers, complemented by BBS+ digital signatures which support Zero-Knowledge Proofs, offering a trust mechanism superior to NDN's PKI-based scheme. SNDS further plans to refine content storage operations by content producers, transitioning from NDN's existing system and propelling data sovereignty. These novel operations, scheduled for testing on the global NDN testbed—a collaboration between AUEB and UM—aim to cultivate interoperability based on the NDN framework. Through SNDS, the vision is a global CDN-inspired infrastructure utilizing NDN, resonating with the objectives of the NGI initiative, thereby pioneering a forward-thinking, human-centric Next Generation Internet. With the joint expertise of EU's AUEB and US's UM teams, SNDS endeavors to redefine the digital content landscape, emphasizing content identification, security, and verifiable credentials.