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Enabling Zero Trust architectures using OAuth2.0 and Verifiable Credentials

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Enabling Zero Trust Architectures using OAuth2.0 and Verifiable Credentials (ZeroTrustVC) implements Authentication and Authorization for HTTP-based resources using JWT-encoded Verifiable Credentials.
ZeroTrustVC is based on the research paper Capability-based access control for multi-tenant systems using OAuth 2.0 and Verifiable Credentials by N. Fotiou, V.A. Siris, G.C. Polyzos, appeared in 30th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN).
ZeroTrustVC facilitates capabilities-based access control, supports efficient VC revocation, and enables "strong authentication and authorization of every access request" enabling resource access over public, untrusted networks, aka Zero -Trust Architectures (ZTAs).
Project outcomes

  • N. Fotiou, E. Faltaka, V. Kalos, A. Kefala, I. Pittaras, V. A. Siris, G. C. Polyzos, "Continuous authorization over HTTP using Verifiable Credentials and OAuth 2.0", in Open Identity Summit 2022 (OID2022), 2022 Download
  • N. Fotiou, V. A. Siris, G. C. Polyzos, Y. Kortesniemi, D. Lagutin, "Capabilities-based access control for IoT devices using Verifiable Credentials", in IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops, Workshop on the Internet of Safe Things (SafeThings), 2022 Download

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