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Secure Open Federation for Internet Everywhere

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EU Horizon 2020

Fragmentation and lack of security are among the biggest problems of IoT systems. Most IoT platforms are vertically oriented closed systems, dedicated to specific application areas. The main goal of SOFIE is to enable diversified applications from various application areas to utilise heterogeneous IoT platforms and autonomous things across technological, organisational and administrative borders in an open and secure manner, making reuse of existing infrastructure and data easy.
SOFIE will design, implement and pilot a systematic, open and secure way to establish new business platforms1 that utilise existing IoT platforms and distributed ledgers. With "openness", we mean flexible and administratively open business models, as well as technically decentralised federation to enable the interoperability of different IoT platforms, ledgers, and autonomous devices.
SOFIE is guided by the needs of three pilot use cases, for which we will federate and field-test IoT business platforms. We have chosen three quite different application areas: food-chain, mobile gaming, and energy, with diverse business requirements. Furthermore, we explore the sometimes surprising synergies between these areas, building a foundation for cross-application-area use of existing IoT platforms and data.

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