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Selective IoT data sharing

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As IoT becomes omnipresent vast amounts of data are generated, which can be used for building innovative applications. However, interoperability issues and security concerns prevent harvesting the full potentials of these data. In this project we focus on data generated by smart buildings. Buildings are becoming ever “smarter” by integrating IoT devices that improve comfort through sensing and automation. However, these devices and their data are usually siloed in specific applications or manufacturers, even though they can be valuable for various interested stakeholders who provide different types of “over the top” services, e.g., energy management. Most data sharing techniques follow an “all or nothing” approach, creating significant security and privacy threats, when even partially revealed, privacy-preserving, data subsets can fuel innovative applications. With these in mind we develop a platform that will enable controlled, privacy-preserving sharing of data items. Selectshare innovates in two directions: Firstly, it provides a framework for allowing discovery and selective disclosure of IoT data without violating their integrity. Secondly, it provides user-friendly, intuitive mechanisms allowing efficient, fine-grained access control over the shared data. The project leverages recent advances in the areas of Self-Sovereign Identities, Verifiable Credentials, and Zero-Knowledge Proofs, and it integrates them in a platform that combines the industry-standard authentication and authorization framework OAuth 2.0 and the Web of Things specifications. The project will pilot a real-world use case of sharing energy-related data. Our prototype will (a) include IoT devices from smart homes and buildings, and (b) demonstrate controlled, privacy-preserving, and tamper-proof data sharing with stakeholders such as energy providers, utilities, and Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

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