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wireLEss MObile delay-tolerant Network Analysis anD Experimentation (LEMONADE)

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Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.)

The aim of project LEMONADE is the analysis of and experimentation with wireless mobile Delay-Tolerant Networks (DTNs).

In DTNs data delivery delays are very large, often comparable to the time it takes for the topology of the network or its other important features to change significantly. The subject of this project, wireless mobile DTNs, is an important class of DTNs wherein nodes store data, carry them in their buffers as they move in space, and transmit them wirelessly to other nodes they encounter.

The scientific results of this project can be applied to important types of networks of emerging importance that can be viewed as wireless mobile DTNs, in particular:

  • Networks of satellites orbiting the Earth that transport to/from ground stations data related to terrain monitoring, deep-space missions, etc.
  • Networks of Unmanned Airborne/Surface/Ground Vehicles (UxVs).
  • Pocket-switched networks (PSNs), made up of smartphones.
  • Vehicular networks.
  • The last two examples are also representative of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm (under which everyday objects form networks and exchange data without direct control by humans) in the important case where large data delivery delays are either unavoidable or acceptable.
Project LEMONADE has three main scientific goals:
  • Advance the state of the art in our fundamental knowledge on the traffic-carrying capabilities of DTNs, specifically in the directions of optimizing the forwarding rules with which data packets are forwarded and, on a broader level, optimizing the complete traffic flow.
  • Advocate, enable, and demonstrate the use of DTN principles in two emerging networking paradigms, i.e., the IoT and UxV networks.
  • Build a wireless mobile DTN testbed that will be used for experimentation, through which results can be verified, challenges will be revealed, and intuition and knowhow can be accumulated.